Cannabis sativa seems to affect especially the urinary, sexual, and respiratory organs. Cannabis sativa has characteristic sensations as of dropping water. There is a great fatigue, as from over-exertion; weary after meals. Cannabis sativa is also indicated in choking in swallowing where things go down the wrong way. There is stuttering, confusion of thought and speech. Wavering speech, hasty, incoherent are commonly seen in patients suitable to cannabis sativa.   


- Similar to Cannabis indica, but less strong.  

- Seems as if in a daze or dream, everything seems unreal.  

- Fear arising from stomach.  

- Apprehension in solar plexus.  

- Lectophobia.  

- Sadness better in afternoon.    


- Sensation of heat.  

- Trickling sensation, as if drops of cold water were falling  on head, from anus, from heart. As if hot water were poured over him; over heart.  

- Great fatigue.    


- Congestion with throbbing and heat.  

- Pressing sensation of weight or stone on vertex.    

External throat  

- Torticollis, chin drawn to sternum.    


- Constriction at close of urination.    


- CYSTITIS: Urethra most affected, esp. forepart. Pain seems to go backwards up urethra.  

- Urethra sensitive to pressure and touch; sits and walks with legs apart.

- Spasmodic closure of sphincter at end of urination.  

- Gonorrhea.  

- Stoppage of urethra by mucus and pus.  

- Sensation of stricture in urethra. 

- Phimosis (narrowing of opening of foreskin of urethra)  

- Bladder troubles with asthma.  


- Contraction of fingers after a sprain.  

- Cramping pains and cramp-like contractions in muscles and tendons  

Cannabis Sativa Q Mother Tincture - 30 ml

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