Acidum Lacticum

Common Name: Lactic Acid, Milk Acid. 

Causes & Symptoms for Acidum Lacticum

  • Lacticum Acidum is useful in morning sickness especially in pale anemic women. Nausea is better from eating. 
  • Lacticum Acidum also helps in stomach complaints when there is voracious hunger and tongue is dry. There is hot, acrid eructation with nausea and burning in stomach which extends to throat.
  • Lacticum Acidum also helps in rheumatic pain in joints and shoulders, wrists and knees with much weakness. 
  • There is trembling of whole body while walking.
  • Lacticum Acidum is also useful in breast troubles.


  • Lacticum Acidum is useful in Vertigo: when turning head suddenly, with heat, on rising, on stooping, at night.
  • It also relieves Congestion of head, painless, with strong pulsation of vessels of neck.
  • Headache, with sensation of fullness in vertex is relieved by Lacticum Acidum.


  • Sensation of fullness in eyes, with headache is relieved by it.
  • There is marked protrusion of eyes, pupils dilated, eyes feel tired.


  • Disturbed and troubled by noise is relieved.
  • Roaring in left ear on rising in afternoon, singing, snapping in left ear indicates Lacticum Acidum.


  • Nose-bleed every morning calls for this remedy.
  • Lacticum Acidum is useful in Severe coryza, stopped nose, sneezing, thick mucus from head to throat, yellow, dead sweet taste.


  • There is sensation of a plug in the throat.
  • Intense burning in throat, fauces, and esophagus worse by eructation is relieved by Lacticum Acidum.
  • It is indicated in complaint of Difficulty of swallowing solids, less in swallowing liquids.


  • It relieves eructations of hot, acrid fluid, which burns from stomach to throat.
  • It is also helpful in constant nausea, persisting for days. Nausea on rising in morning, Nausea with water brash or vomiting.

Stool and Anus

  • It relieves aching pain in anus.
  • Lacticum Acidum is indicated for Greenish yellow stools with tenesmus.

Urinary Organs

  • Lacticum Acidum relieves Frequent pain in kidneys.
  • Frequent desire to urinate large quantities, the attempt to retain it causes pain indicates Lacticum Acidum.

Male Sexual Organs

  • It is indicated for Annoying erections in morning, but loins ache too much to attempt coition.

Female Sexual Organs

  • Lacticum Acidum relieves aching pain in region of right ovary, worse by rapid walking or exercise.
  • Menses: scanty, seventeen days late, two days early, more profuse than usual, pain in small of back and lower abdomen, itching of vulva during flow.
  • It is useful in Leucorrhea, staining linen yellow, when checked nasal catarrh ensues.
  • During pregnancy: morning sickness, salivation, nausea and vomiting, water brash better by breakfast.

Respiratory Organs

  • It is useful in complaint of Dryness and rawness, extending to larynx, Hoarseness.
  • Lacticum Acidum relieved Spasmodic, ringing cough, caused by irritation in throat
  • Left side of chest sore and painful.

Neck and Back

  • It relieves pain in small of back, extending into shoulders.
  • Sore aching in lower-part of back, worse when walking.


  • It is useful in severe, sharp pains in joints.
  • Acute pains in joints, flying pains about limbs is relieved by Lacticum Acidum.
  • Joints swollen, not tender, stiff. All pains worse by movement.
  • Generalities
  • Weakness as if from exercise, with rheumatic pains in the bones.
  • It is also useful in Debility, weariness of the limbs.


  • Lacticum Acidum is indicated for Skin which is harsh and dry, no sweat.
  • Red spots or blotches on various parts of the body, particularly thighs and lower extremities indicates Lacticum Acidum.
  • It relieves Itching and burning, worse by cold.

Side effects of Acidum Lacticum

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given. 

Dosage and rules while taking Acidum Lacticum 

Take 10 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

Acidum Lacticum Q Mother Tincture - 30 ml

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