Acidum Picricum (Mother Tincture)

Common Name: Picric Acid, Carbazotic Acid, Tri-nitro-carbolic Acid

Causes & Symptoms for Acidum Picricum

  • Picricum Acidum is a chief remedy for neurasthenia. 
  • Great weakness, tired feeling all over the body especially of limbs is well relieved by Picricum Acidum.   Pain is worse on exertion. 
  • Weakness progressing from slight feeling of fatigue on motion to complete numbness indicates Picricum Acidum. 
  • Picricum Acidum  relieves burning along spine and great weakness of spine and back with softening of cord. There is heaviness, numbness, formication and weakness of the limbs. 
  • Picricum Acidum also helps in writer's cramp.
  •  Picricum Acidum is also useful in brain-fag of literary or business people. Slightest excitement or mental exertion brings on headache and burning along spine. 


  • Person has desire to be alone, Irritable, Indifference, lack of will power to undertake anything.
  • Disinclination for mental or physical work, aversion to talking or movement, with headache.
  • Mental prostration after reading a little, after writing a little indicates Picricum Acid.


  • Picricum Acid is useful in vertigo: at noon, worse rising from a seat, at 6PM on least motion, with nausea, both repeated at 9PM, with pain in forehead and vertex and inability to sit up, on stooping or bending head or lying down, worse in evening.
  • It relieves headache which gets worse rising, better open air, better pressure, better bandaging head, morning, worse afternoon, in with thirst and heat, scalp sore to touch.
  • Heat and congestion of head with nose-bleed is relieved by it.


  • Shooting in center of eye with soreness of balls on touch, and photophobia is relieved by Picricum Acid.
  • There is sensation of sand in eyes, with smarting pain and acid tears.
  • Picricum Acid is useful in complaint of styes, with sore feeling.
  • Conjunctivitis, worse right eye, better washing with cold water and by cold air, worse warm room, with difficulty in keeping eyes open, and sticky feeling on reading is well relieved by Picricum Acid.


  • Puffy and burning sensation in ears as if worms were crawling in them indicates Picricum Acid.
  • It relieves pain behind right ear running down side of neck.
  • There is buzzing and hissing in ears.


  • Boil in left nostril, Stinging on right side of nose indicates this remedy.
  • It is useful in acne along edges and sides of nose, indurated, elevated papules, rather dark red, painless but sore to touch, very small pustules on tips.
  • Nose full of mucus, can breathe only through mouth, better open air is relieved by Picricum Acid,
  • it checks bleeding from nostril, with heat and congestion of head.


  • Indicated for person with complaint of white, frothy saliva hang in strings to the floor.
  • Taste: bitter, with thirst, sour, bitter, sour, bad, of gas.


  • Redness of throat, with raw, scraped, stiff, and hot feeling, as if burnt, and with thick white mucus on tonsils, difficulty in swallowing, with sensation as if throat would split open is well relieved by Picricum Acid.
  • Feeling of a plug on swallowing saliva and afterwards.
  • There is sensation of something in lower part of oesophagus.


  • Appetite great in evening, increased, then lost,, lost for breakfast.
  • Aversion to food, at noon.
  • Thirst: great, with bitter taste, unquenchable, for cold water.


  • Eructations, empty, sour, of gas and ingesta, bitter after breakfast is ,helped by Picricum Acid
  • Nausea: on retiring, after retiring, with headache, deathlike, in stomach and abdomen on waking at five AM, worse rising and moving about, returned on waking a second time, repeated next morning on waking.
  • It relieves sharp pain in epigastric region, when eating breakfast.

Stool and Anus

  • It is useful in complaint of stinging in anus during and after stool, with itching.
  • Diarrhoea: with burning and smarting at anus, frequent with prostration, light-colored, with cutting and smarting at anus during and after stool is well relieved by Picricum Acid.
  • Stool: soft, light-colored, with tenesmus, then drawing up of anus, scanty, with burning and smarting at anus
  • There is difficulty in passing stool, next day ineffectual desire for stool.

Urinary Organs

  • Sharp pain in region of bladder, in evening, worse right side is relieved by Picricum Acid.
  • Frequent and dribbling micturition in morning indicates this remedy.

Female Sexual Organs

  • Occasional aching and twinges in left ovarian region is relieved by it.
  • Menses delayed, during the period yellowish-brown leucorrhoea.
  • During menses, bruised pain in abdomen with sickening sensation.

Respiratory Organs

  • Picricum Acid is useful in dry cough, as from dust in throat, then nausea.
  • Tightness of chest, as if encircled by a band.
  • There is numbness in lower part of sternum.

Neck and Back

  • Pain in back and lower limbs, with heaviness, tried aching, and weakness.
  • Burning along spine and very great weakness, worse by study is relieved by Picricum Acid.
  • Heat in lower spine, aching and digging in loins, worse from motionis relieved by it.
  • Picricum Acid relieves sharp pain in region of coccyx.


  • Picricum Acid relieves rheumatic pains in joints.
  • Weakness from a short walk, with excessive heaviness.

Upper Limbs

  • Lame sensation in shoulders, Shoulders tired and sore indicates Picricum Acid.
  • Shooting in left elbow, extending down arm is relieved by it.
  • It relieves pain in right elbow between ulna and radius.

Lower Limbs

  • Numbness and crawling in legs with trembling and pricking as from needles indicates Picricum Acid.
  • Weakness of legs, worse left, which trembles, with soreness, with heaviness is relieved.
  • Soreness in ball of left big toe in afternoon and evening, better continued walking.


  • Veins sunken and small, worse left side.
  • It is useful in trembling of all muscles.
  • Picricum Acid is indicated for rheumatic stitches in different parts, with muscular debility.
  • It relieves darting pains in various parts, extending into bones, every hour of the day.
  • Soreness and lameness, worse left side, in morning when rising, with heavy, throbbing pains and dilated pupils, conjunctivitis and lachrymation indicates Picricum Acid.
  • Tired feeling: in morning on waking, with heaviness, on least exertion, better open air, with lame sensation over whole body, with no desire to talk or do anything, indifferent to anything around, sleepiness and desire to lie down.

Side effects of Acidum Picricum

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given. 

Dosage and rules while taking Acidum Picricum

Take 10 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

Acidum Picricum Q Mother Tincture - 30 ml

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