Adrenal fatigue due to dysfunction of the adrenal glands is wide-spread in modern society. This condition can have severe implications for the health of the afflicted patient. As a result, it is imperative that adrenal fatigue and resistance be addressed with a natural remedy without any side effects. ADEL 61 (SUPREN) drops detoxifies, strengthens and regulates adrenal glands.


For checking the symptoms related to weak adrenals, including chronic tiredness, loss of appetite and gastrointestinal complaints


Acidum arsenicosum 12X, Acidum sulfuricum 8X, Chamaelirium luteum 12X,Hydrastis can 12X, Kreosotum 12X, Lemna minor 12X, Magnesium fluoratum 12X, Acidum silicicum 12X.

Acidum arsenicosum is part of the task force to fight the progressing weakness and weight loss of the body by positively influencing the activities of liver and spleen in a holistic and regulative way which includes possibly present diabetes and also counteracts the malignant course of a disease.

Acidum silicicum aims its efficacy at the connective tissue and its RES share by increasing the opsonic index, the combination of proteins that, among other things, promote the phagocytises of bacteria, viruses, fungi by their accumulation to exogenous material. Pancreas and spleen directly store silica acid and so promote the healing processes substantially - even with chronic diseases, checks fistulation and promote the maturation of pus as a preparation for excretion. This ingredient has also proved to be helpful for diabetic diseases.

Acidum sulfuricum takes care of the excretion processes as well as of catabolises of the amino acids from the protein metabolism. And here is where the regulations of the liver belong being an essential part of the reticulo-endothelial system and the main organ of the metabolism for negative developments in the gastro-intestinal tract and venous circulation (varicose veins and haemorrhoids) which we can find as delayed recuperation combined with weakness, loss of appetite and sleeping disorders often as a stagnation of humours.

Chamaelirium luteum is predominantly referred to as a women's drug, related to the dysfunctions of female genitals accompanied by increased protein excretion and painful developments in the small-of- the-back and kidney area. The substance also opposes depressive states leading to exhaustion which often, however, are soothed when being distracted. This ingredient, too, opposes diabetic developments.

Hydrastis canadensis the deep-effective Canadian turmeric fights old, i.e. chronic diseases of the mucous membrane with the according debilitation of the overall organism. Here it becomes clear that long lasting chronicities can be a transition to cancerous developments and therefore it is indicated to counteract these chronic processes of an organism in a regulative and not only in a palliative way in any case. The chance of such developments is also part of the remedy picture.

Kreosotum influences deep-set catarrhs accompanied by acrid, chafing secretions. Its efficacy reaches all organic systems also including gangrenous developments inside diabetes combined with pruritus. The range of efficacy goes from the plepharoconjunctivitis via gingivitis, broncho-pulmonary inflammations, formation of gastric ulcers, skin irritations, inflammations of the urogenital organs and menstrual complaints up to changes in the blood quality.

Mainly related to the head region the duckweed 

Lemna minor grows exposed to the sun all summer long at the surface of standing waters where it takes up and stores the sun's vital energy. The basically plain medicinal plant aims at chronic catarrhs of purulent and putrid nature with optimum efficacy.

Magnesium fluoratum is specific for inflammation of all kinds. Here in combination has been recognized as a particularly efficient function for auto and pathogenic toxins; here the magnesium share stimulates the serum proteins to allow overcoming bacteria and viruses. Moreover, magnesium is the substance to attack the bacterial flora of focal infections and so essentially supports the efficacy of the complex share Acidum sulfuricum.

In energetic terms the interaction of all complex shares proves to be extremely efficient and therefore it can contribute its high performance even in the therapy of impending reformations.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE (Unless otherwise prescribed)

Adults - 15-20 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.

Adel Pekana Adel 61 (Supren) (20ml)

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