Adel 82 (Hepat-Tonic)

This specially formulated combination rejuvenates and tones up the hepatic cells and tissues aiding in normalization of the liver function. As part of a complex therapy, this tonic can also reduce toxic liver damage, hepatitis due to alcohol abuse, obesity, diabetes and high level of fats in the blood.

Indications of Adel 82 (Hepat-Tonic)

  • For Sluggish Liver or Liver malfunctioning.
  • Medicine of choice for Hepatitis, Hypertrophy of liver & Jaundice.
  • Associated symptoms of dyspepsia, loss of appetite and pain in abdomen.
  • Catarrhal conditions of liver.
  • Jaundice, Sluggish liver.

Uses of the Ingredients in Adel 82 (Hepat-Tonic)

Boldo: stands for the increase of the bile flow within this complex. Another characteristic is the facilitation of urea excretion and diuresis.

Bryonia: eliminates inflammation of the mucous membranes often accompanied by stabbing pains in the muscle and joint. This substance also stimulates intestinal excretion and treats infections.

Carduus: directly affects the liver and inter alia the portal system. Painful swelling of the liver, jaundice, biliary calculi, cholangitis and initial stages of cirrhosis are chief areas of effect of this remedy. Lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, irritability, profuse diarrhea and constipation are also addressed.

Cynara scolymus: promotes general excretion and elimination of toxic waste products include uric acid from the tissues, stimulates digestion and acts as an anti-inflammatory and diuretic. The plant is rich in bitter substances, which are in all parts of the plant.

Fumaria: The promotion of bile flow as well as the stimulation of the intestinal activity.

Hydrastis can: is known to help in cases of inflammation of the lining of the liver and cases of liver cancer and is well suited to people with a feeble constitution. It works well for chronic alcoholics who have broken down their system by excess use. The skin is generally pale, and the patient is susceptible to contracting jaundice. The appetite is diminished, breathing is difficult, and it hurts to touch the area of the liver. Along with this, there could be an inflammation lining of the gallbladder and bile duct as well.

Taraxacum: The bitter taste of all parts of this plant as well as the yellow color of the blossoms are an indication of the effect on the liver and gallbladder system.

Chelidonium is often used to treat a fatty liver accompanied by right upper abdominal pain. In such cases, the liver may be enlarged and constipation or nausea /vomiting is experienced. Swelling of the liver with sensation of pressure on liver and biliary vesicle and extending to right shoulder blade, cholagogue are focus areas of this remedy.

Dosage of Adel 82 (Hepat-Tonic)

Adults 1 tablespoon, children 1 teaspoon 3 times a day before meals.

Keep the remedy out of reach of children!

If symptoms persist, please consult your Registered Physician.

Adel Pekana Adel 82 (Hepat-Tonic) (150ml)

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