Indication of Allen A12 Eye care Oral drops

A12 Eye Care Oral Drops is indicated in cases involving chronic conjunctivitis, eye strain, diplopia.

Composition of Allen A12 Eye care Oral drops

  • Hamamelis Virginica 3x
  • Rhus Toxicodendron 3x
  • Ruta Graveolens 3x
  • Euphrasia Officianlis 3x
  • Belladonna 3x
  • Spigelia 3x in aqua destillata

Dosage of Allen A12 Eye care Oral drops

  • Take 10 to 15 drops in water 3 times a day.

Mode of Action:

  • Hamamelis Virginica: Weakness of eyes. Sore pain in eyes. Bloodshot appearance. Inflamed vessels greatly injected. Hastens absorption of intraocular haemorrhage. Eyes feel forced out.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron: Intensive ulceration of the cornea due to old injuries.
  • Ruta Graveolens: Eye strain from studies.
  • Euphrasia Officinalis: Watering of eyes all the time. Burning and swelling of lids. Sticky mucus on cornea.
  • Belladonna: Dilated immovable pupils. Eyes feel swollen, protruding, staring, brilliant, conjunctiva red, dry, burn, photophobia, shooting in eyes.
  • Spigelia: Pain associated with clear lachrymation from the affected eye.
Allen A12 Eye Care Oral Drops (30ml)

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