Indication of Allen A5 Cold Sinus Drops 

A05 Cold Sinus Drops is recommended in cases involving running nose, watery eyes, feeling of distress, post-nasal drip, common cold, sinus pain and pressure.

Composition of Allen A5 Cold Sinus Drops 

  • Kali Bichromicum 3x
  • Euphrasia Officianalis 3x
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens 3x
  • Sabadilla 3x
  • Teucrium Marum Virum 3x in aqua destillata

Dosage of Allen A5 Cold Sinus Drops 


  • Take 2 to 4 drops in half-cup of water, 3 times a day.


  • 10 to 15 Drops in half-cup of water, 3 times a day.

Mode of Action:

  • Kali Bichromicum: Aching and fullness between the eyebrows in the forehead. Semi lateral headache in small spits. Mucus stretchy and greenish yellow in color. Nostrils blocked.
  • Euphrasia Officinalis: Profuse acrid lachrymation with profuse, bland coryza. Catarrhal headache with profuse discharge from eyes and nose. Profuse, offensive expectoration of mucus by voluntary hawking.
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens: Sneezing with fullness at root of nose. Watery excoriating discharge. Sensation of hot water flowing through nose. Catarrh associated with inflamed throat. Acute nasal catarrh.
  • Sabadilla: Nose itching, very dry, must rub or pick at it. Tickling in nose spreading to whole body, then dyspnoea follows. Persistent, violent, abortive sneezing, spasmodic with watery coryza and lachrymation, redness of eyes and frontal headache. Sensitive smell.
  • Teucrium Marum Virum: Mucous polyps. Coryza with nose block. Discharge of large, irregular clinkers. Crawling in nostrils, with lachrymation or sneezing. Mouldy taste in throat when hawking up mucous.
Allen A5 Cold Sinus Drops (30ml)

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