Brand Shophomeo® 
Colour Natural Herbal 
Net Quantity 200 Grams
Item Form Powder Pharma Grade
    About this item
    • Diabetes - Bilva leaves are renowned for controlling the blood sugar levels in one’s body. It is because of its richness in laxatives, which in turn helps in producing the required insulin to control the sugar levels.
    • Antimicrobial functions! Bael is said to have anti fungal and anti viral properties, due to which it is used in treating a number of infections in our body.
    • Constipation! When a small amount of salt and black pepper is consumed with Belpatra, it becomes one of the best natural remedy for curing constipation. It went on to remove toxins from one’s intestine, and helps him getting relived.
    • Even Belpatra is used to control cholesterol levels in one’s body, and is also known to treat heart diseases.
    • It is because of the presence of the tannin in bael, Belpatra is useful in curing diseases like diarrhea
        Baelpatra Powder - 200 g

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