Dr Bakshi Baksons B63 Kidney Drops

Kidney is a vital organ of the body. Many conditions can arise like turbid, red urine, pain in the back. The reason behind the symptoms can be infection, systemic disease, resulting into rise of temperature and many other associated symptoms.

Indication of B63 Kidney Drops

  • To help maintain blood urea and serum creatinine level
  • Help to control hyper and hypotension, weakness and fatigue

Other Indications of B63 Kidney Drops

 Backache, pain in the region of kidneys.

Action of Ingredients used in B63 Kidney Drops

Helonias dioica 12x: Sensation of weakness, dragging and weight in the sacrum and pelvis, Constant aching and tenderness over kidneys.  

Kalium arsenicosum 4x: Restless and anemic with urinary complaints.

Phosphorus 6x:  Burning in back; pain as if broken, Turbid, brown urine with red sediment. 

Plumbum metallicum 12x: Urine scanty. Tenesmus of bladder. Emission drop by drop. 

Dosage of B63 Kidney Drops

10-15 drops should be diluted in water and taken 3 times a day. 

Bakson B63 Kidney Drops (30ml)

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