About Bakson Chrysarobinum Cream

Bakson Chrysarobinum Cream is effective in ringworm, psoriasis and itching eczema with thick crust. Helps relieve itching and discharge due to common skin ailments like Acne, Ringworm (fungal infection), Eczema and Psoriasis, herpes tonsurans, acne rosacea

Bakson Chrysarobinum Cream relieves the scabs formed around ear and surrounding tissue appears to be one scab.

Indications of Bakson Chrysarobinum Cream

  • Red skin, often covered with loose, silver-colored scales, itchy and painful.
  • Nails crumble or detach from the nail bed, scales or crust on the scalp.
  • Acts as a powerful irritant so used successfully in skin diseases especially in psoriasis. 
  • Violent itching, thighs, legs and back of ears, Dry, scaly eruption, Lemon- Coloured Crust.
  • Has a particular tendency to develop the skin phase of internal disorders, skin rough persistent dryness of portions of skin unaffected by eczema. 
  • Eruptions, oozing out a sticky exudation, Unhealthy skin.
  • Dry and weeping eczema with irritation and itching of the skin.
  • It helps to increase reactivity of skin

Ingredients of Bakson Chrysarobinum Cream

  • Chrysarobinum:  It is useful in Vesicular or squamous lesions, associated with foul smelling discharge. It relieves the Violent itching on thighs, legs and ears. Dry, scaly eruption, especially around eyes and ears, scabs with pus underneath are relieved with help of this medicine.

How to use Bakson Chrysarobinum Cream

  • Apply externally twice daily to properly cleaned and dried affected portion.
Bakson Chrysarobinum Ointment (25g)

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