About Diab Aid Drops

Recommended formulation for maintaining normal Blood glucose levels.

  • Helpful in Prediabetic stage (between normal & manifested Diabetes) as well as diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic cases.
  • Clinical trials prove that regular usage of Bakson Diab Aid helps to lower blood sugar levels (Fasting & PP), decrease the requirement of insulin units & maintain HbA1c levels also.
  • Relieves increased frequency of urine & thirst and check debility.
  • Formulation is safe for use during pregnancy (Gestational Diabetes) as compared to other homoeopathic formulations in the market.

Composition of Diab Aid drops :

Cephalandra ind. Ø: Useful in increased Blood sugar accompanied with increased pressure of blood.   

Gymnema syl. Ø: Blood sugar regulation and glucose metabolism. The active components responsible for lowering glucose are the gymnemic acids.     

Syzygium jamb.Ø: A most useful remedy in controlling blood sugar. No other remedy causes in so marked degree the diminution and disappearance of sugar in the urine. Prickly heat in upper part of the body. 

Crataegus oxy. Ø: Produces giddiness, lowered pulse, and air hunger and maintains blood-pressure.    

Acidum phos. Ø: Frequent, profuse, watery, milky urine with high blood sugar. Micturition, preceded by anxiety and followed by burning. Frequent urination at night. Tearing pains in joints, bones, and periosteum. Cramps in upper arms and wrists. 

Abroma aug. Ø: An effective remedy for Increased blood sugar levels with excessive thirst and dryness of mouth.   

Chionanthus vir. Ø: Headache associated with Dry sensation not relieved by water, also profuse saliva. 

Dosage/Directions Diab Aid Drops:

  • Adults: 10-15 drops in 1/4 cup of water before meals, 3 times a day.
  • Children: 5-10 drops in 1/4 cup of water before meals, 3 times a day.
Bakson Diab Aid Drops (30ml)

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