Bakson Flexicare Capsules

A homeopathic supplement for healthy joints and connective tissues.

Joint pains is common these days. It can arise due to various conditions including many causes like deficiency of calcium, arthritis, sprains, Systemic diseases, menopausal in females.Joint pains can even result of lot of exertion and change of weather.

Indications of Bakson Flexicare Capsules

  • Stiffness of joint, Swelling of Joints.
  • For Aches, Pains in multiple joints of body.
  • Cracking of joints on motion. Redness and heat of affected joints
  • Small joint pains, Arthritis of the knee and hip joint. Gouty pains.
  • Muscular pains and soreness, back pain,  sciatica.

Action of Bakson Flexicare Capsules

  1. Bakson Flexicare Capsules influence the metabolism of cartilage in particular. Long term medication is necessary before definite improvement sets in.
  2. The capsules help to relieve the Joint pains.
  3. The swelling, redness and heat over the swollen joints is relieved with Bakson Flexicare Capsules
  4. The gouty swellings are resolved if taken regulalry.

Dosage of Bakson Flexicare Capsules

Take 1 capsule before 1 hour of meal or as prescribed by the physician.

Bakson Flexicare Capsules (30caps)

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