About Perio Aid (Mouth Wash)

Perio Aid is a complete oral care routine for every day. This mouthwash gives instant relief from bad breath by killing germs and bacteria that a regular toothbrush would otherwise not reach. Even long after using Bakson's Perio Aid Mouthwash, breath stays fresh and cool.

Perio Aid can also ease the pain of mouth ulcers, reduce inflammation and help the tissues heal. An ideal preparation to soothe Canker sores and Gingivitis.

Composition of Perio Aid:

Calendula off. Ø:  It is remarkable healing agent, applied locally for discharging the pus or useful in injuries or ulcers that do not heal.

Echinacea angu.Ø: Canker; gums recede and bleed easily; corners of mouth and lips crack; tongue dry and swollen; sores; dirty brownish. Tongue, lips, and fauces tingle. 

Hydrastis can. Ø: Tongue as if burned or scalded. Tongue swollen shows marks of teeth. 


  • Mix 15-20 drops in some water and rinse regularly after every meal.
  • Hold above liquid in mouth for about 30-40 seconds and rinse out.
Bakson Perio Aid (Mouth Wash) (100ml)

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