About Rheum Aid Gel

Rheuma Aid gel is a homeopathic gel which helps to relieves the complaints of pains. Joint pains with swelling and heat of body which is commonly seen in conditions like arthritis, muscular complaints are well helped with the help of this gel.

Joint complaints usually arise in different conditions, due to various different causes. Joint complaints that arise due to Arthritis, Weather changes or due to deficiency orders, or many other systemic diseases accompanied with joint complaints and swelling of joints can be easily relieved with help of gel.

Stiffness of joints seen in arthritic conditions with swelling and redness of affected joints, motion restriction, heaviness of limbs with nerve pains are also relieved with help of rheum gel.

Indications of Rheum Aid Gel: 

  • For pain in joints, back and limbs, Sciatica and neuralgia. 
  • Stiffness of joints with swelling.
  • Inflammatory Joint complaints.
  • Osteoarthritis. 
  • Redness and heat of Joints affected

Application of Rheum Aid Gel:

Apply externally twice daily to properly cleaned and dried affected portion.

Bakson Rheum Aid Gel (50g)

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