About Baksons Sunny Apple Pack

Bakson Sunny Apple Pack is formulated with aloe vera, almond oil, and green apple, an excellent source of Vitamins A, B, and C that removes skin dirt and harmful toxins. This Skin boosting face pack tones exfoliates, and rejuvenates your skin, imparting a flawless, youthful and healthy glow.

Ingredients: Green Apple, Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari),D M Water, Lighat Kaolin, E Wax, Lip, Gum Acacia, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Glycerine Glycol, Almond Oil, Green Apple, Extract, Allanion, Aloe vera Bht, Mps, Sodium Benzoate, Imid Urea, Phenoxy Ethanol, Pps, Perfume, Almond Oil.

Benefits of Bakson Sunny Apple Pack 

  • tones the skin
  • cleanse deeply
  • rejuvenates the skin

How To Use Bakson Sunny Apple Pack

  • Apply a generous amount of bakson apple pack on face and neck, leaving the area around eyes. Wait for 15 minutes. Rinse the face with fresh water.

Precautions for Bakson Sunny Apple Pack

  • Do not apply in the eyes
  • Do not use in the case of allergies
Bakson Sunny Apple Pack (150g)

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