About Baksons Sunny Peel Off Mask (100g)

Bakson Sunny Peel Off mask is a rejuvenating mask that gently peels away deep-sealed impurities and dirt. Its aloevera content soothes skin while moisturizing ensuring silky-smooth look. Calendula and berberies provide nourishment and deliver anti-inflammatory treatment to the skin making it toned, beautiful young and glowing after every use.

This facial mask has a plasticizing agent that forms a thin film over the face, when dried. This is peeled to remove dead skin, blackheads, and exfoliate. Sunny Baksons Peel Off Mask is ideal for treating acne, blackheads and oily skin

Product Description

Peel off face masks help you in many ways. From gently peeling away impurities to revealing revitalized, cleaner, younger looking skin, facial masks have become an essential part of skincare routine.When a peel off mask is applied in a thick layer, it sticks to the skin very well and absorbs all the pore blockages. The active ingredients in a peel off mask get easily absorbed into your skin to tighten the pores, making your skin look youthful. Due to sunlight, cold, rain and pollutants such as dust and smoke, blackheads and layers of dead skin tend to block your skin’s pores. To get rid of clogged pores and the resultant blackheads, you can use a peel off mask and solve your problem instantly. Peel off mask lifts the blackheads and dead skin very quickly and easily.Peel off mask also provides nourishment to your skin, along with other beneficial properties such as whitening and moisturizing. It also protects your skin from bacteria that can enter through the open pores. This forms a thin barrier between the face and pollution, preventing irritants from harming your skin.


D.M .water, polyvinyl alcohol, denatured alcohol properties glycol, herbal distillate (aloevera, calendula, berberies) polysorbate 20, perfume.

How To Use

Cleanse and dry face thoroughly. Take adequate amount and apply with fore-fingers all over the face to from a thick even layer mask avoiding eyes, lips and hairline areas. Allow it to from a thick even the chin towards the forehead. Wash off it required. Use twice a week for better results. Suitable for all skin types. Close the tube tightly after use. Store in a cool, dry place.

Bakson Sunny Peel Off Mask (100g)

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