Common Name:  Arrow-poison, Woorali.

Causes & Symptoms for Curare

  • Always desires to put her feet out of bed. Piercing, lancinating pains of all parts of the body.
  • Eruptions on skin, eczema, especially of face and behind ears, also liver-spots, yellow-brown.
  • Muscular restlessness, spasms, its action being on the nerve endings in the muscles, without affecting either the muscle substance or the nerve substance
  • Great weakness and prostration, burning in hips, and crampy pains on least movement.

Mind and Head

Inability to think or study, forgetful, stupid, sleepy, indolent.

Nervous headache, lancinating, piercing pains all over head compelling to lie down and stretch, head drawn backward.

 Head beats like a hammer, with vomiting of bile indicates Curare.

Eyes, ear, nose

Heavy eyes, lids can hardly be kept open. Sharp, stitching pains over right eye

Lancinating pains starting from ears and reaching down legs, compelling to lie down.

Nasal catarrh, Tubercles on nose indicates Curare.

Mouth and Throat

Mouth dry. Tongue and mouth drawn to right indicates Curare.

Burning heat in throat with sensation of distension.

Stomach and abdomen

Nausea in morning, after eating. Shooting in stomach.

Better after first mouthful of food indicates Curare.

Neuralgic pain in hypogastrium with pressure in vagina.

Stool and Anus

Bowels feel sore and bruised. Excessive pain in piles with extreme watery diarrhea.

Urinary complaints

Clear and frequent urine, with digging, crampy pain in kidneys,bladder feels distended.

Female complaints

During menses colic, headache, pains in kidneys, malaise indicates Curare.

Bearing-down, dragging, tired, in all pelvic organs, severe in lumbo-sacral spine, running down thighs.

Ulcerations, corroding discharge, bearing down pains in womb.


Sciatica with great stiffness indicates Curare. 

Extremities with burning heat and chills, great weakness, especially of wrists and hands.

Legs tremble and give way in walking. Aching in all the limbs and body.

On least movement crampy pains in hips. Weakness, heaviness, numbness, numbness with tingling.

Weakness of hands and fingers in pianists. Sweat with every exertion.


Itching with hunger and Eczematous complaints.

It favous the formation of corns indicates Curare.


Curare decreases the output of adrenaline.

Cannot sleep late enough to obtain a good night's rest.

Side effects of Curare

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given. 

It is safe to take the medicine even if you are on other mode of medication like allopathy medicines, ayurvedic etc. 

Homeopathic medicines never interfere with the action of other medicines.

Dosage and rules while taking Curare

Take 5 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

You can also medicate the globules and take 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

Precautions while taking Curare

Always keep a gap of 15 minutes before or after meals when you take medicine.

If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a homeopathic practitioner before use. 

Avoid eating tobacco or drinking alcohol during the course of medication. 

Terms and Conditions

Homeopathic products have several uses and should be taken on the basis of symptom similarity. Results may vary depending upon the conditions.

Curare 30 CH (30ml)

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