Indications of R S Bhargava Spondin Drops :

Spondylitis - particularly Cervical Spondylitis.

Pain, numbness, stiffness & stretching sensation in the nape of the neck & back radiating to arms, fingers & lions.

Neuragia (pain along the nerves).

Cramps, jerking, twitching and shortening of muscles.

Pain between the shoulders.

Vertigo & headache.

Pressure over sacrum, spinal concussion and pain in coccyx radiating up the spine.

Composition of R S Bhargava Spondin Drops :

Colocynthis vulgaris 3X

Ruta graveolens 3X

Hypericum perforatum 5X

Ledum palustre 2X

Cuprum metallicum 6X

Dulcamara 3X

Conium maculatum 3X

Dosage of R S Bhargava Spondin Drops :


10-15 Drops in half cup of lukewarm water thrice a day.


Half the adult dose.

Dr. Bhargava Spondin Drops (30ml)

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