Indications of Tumorin Drops:

Enlargement of thyroid, axillary, inguinal & mammary glands, spermatic cord, tonsils, & lymph nodes.

Stony hard painful goiter.

Mastitis in breastfeeding mothers with cracking and small ulcers about nipples.

Mumps, follicular inflammation of pharynx, adenoma.

Tumour and growths of skin with exfoliation of skin in large scales.

Sties or other eye related inflammations.

The glands are swollen, hard, indurated, painful, sensitive and sore to the touch.

Composition of Tumorin Drops:

Conium maculatum 4X

Arsenicum iodatum 6X

Carbo animalis 3X

Clematis erecta 3X

Galium aparine 6X

Hydrastis canadensis 2X

Phytolacca decandra 3X

Dosage of Tumorin Drops:


10-15 drops in half cup of warm water thrice a day.


Half the adult dose.

Dr. Bhargava Tumorin Drops (30ml)

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