Dr. Reckeweg Colocynthis(Mother Tincture)

The ripe fruit is used to make the medicine.

Common Name: Bitter Cucumber/ Bitter apple  

Causes & Symptoms for Dr. Reckeweg Colocynthis

  • One of the most effective remedy in complaints of severe abdominal pains that tend the person to bend double. People who have a habit of over eating.
  • Colocynth is useful in pains that are cutting, stabbing, stitching or pinching in nature. It is also used for patients who do not want to be disturbed, want to be left alone, and irritated when questioned. 
  • Extreme restlessness with the pains and weakness associated is commonly seen in this remedy. Pains make the patient scream and cry.
  • Colocynthis is useful in complaints of sciatica.


  • People who are easily irritated and have anger which is violent and affected with pain are treated well with Homeopathy.
  • Anxious during pains, with disinclination to talk to friends and family is commonly seen in Colocynth patients.


  • Colocynth is useful in headache complaints which is aggravated more on moving the eyes.
  • Constant lancinating, pressing and tearing pains felt at the base of brain, root of nose as if coryza would reappear.
  • Profuse perspiration with offensive smell, heat in the head.
  • Vertigo complaints with tendancy to fall down, as if he will fall down 


  • Itching burning ulcers, with boils on neck and face is treated well with Colocynthis.


  • Pain in the eyes which are better by pressure is cured well with help of Colcynth.
  • Violent neuralgic and Burning pains in the eyes that travel back to the head is also treated well with help of Colocynthis.
  • Dryness, burning, smarting, profuse and acrid lachrymation is also reduced with help of Colocynthis.
  • Flickering dimness of vision, with burning eyelids even after sound sleep is commonly seen in the patients.


  • Roaring noise in the ear, obstruction felt in the left ear with pain better by boring the hand in the ear.
  • Complaints of pain,throbbing pains in both the ear, More felt in the left ear is relieved with help of colocynthis.


  • Burning pains in the nose, with fluent coryza is reduced with help of Colocynthis.

Face and mouth:

  • Puffiness of face with heat and redness of cheeks mostly on the left side with pains that travel to the left ear is reduced with help of this remedy. 
  • Pimples on the face is reduced with help of colocynthis
  • Neuralgic pains mostly of the teeth, with pulling sensation. Offensive smell due to decayed tooth. 
  • Dryness of Mouth with thirst
  • Burning at the tip of tongue with scalded sensation is reduced with help of this medicine.


  • Burning Pain aggravated eating or drinking the least with nausea and rising from the stomach, better by belching.
  • Vomiting with bilious complaints which is relieved with Colocynthis.
  • Cramps in the stomach with flying pains in hepatic region.


  • Colocynthis is useful in complaints of violent colic with crampy pains, which compel the patient to bend double.
  • Soreness and emptiness felt in the abdomen.

Stool and Anus:

  • Frequent watery discharges from bowel, with cold extremities, cold perspiration is seen in colocynthis.
  • Colicky pains better by lying on the abdomen.
  • Severe cutting pain, doubles up and rolls all over the bed.
  • Discharge of blood from anus, with violent sticking and burning pain in small of back and anus is treated well with colocynthis.
  • Stools that excoriate the anus, is well treated with this remedy.

Male organs:

  • Pain and swelling of testicles is reduced with help of this medicine.
  • Strong desire with erection complaints are well treated with Colocynth.

Female complaints:

  • Stitching pains in the ovaries mostly on the right side,
  • Ovarian cysts, with pain in abdomen upon straightening up is treated well with Colocynth.
  • Cramping pains during menses, Bearing down pains which is reduced by doubling up.

Urinary complaints:

  • Itching at the meatus with constant desire to pass urine is the commonly seen symptom in the patient.


  • Icy coldness of hands and feet with heaviness felt by the patient.
  • Stiffness in the joints, with cramps in calf muscles is reduced with help of this medicine.
  • Tearing or drawing pains in all the limbs.


  • Constant Restlessness with no rest in any position, with anger and sleeplessness is relieved with help of colocynth.

Side effects of Dr. Reckeweg Colocynthis

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given. 

Dosage and rules while taking Dr. Reckeweg Colocynthis

Take 10 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

Dr. Reckeweg Colocynthis Q (MT) - 20ml

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