Hapdco Jaborandi Hair Tonic

About Hapdco Jaborandi Hair Tonic

Jaborandi Hair Tonic is a natural remedy for all hair-related issues. It prevents hair loss, treats dandruff, and helps in averting premature graying. It is one of the best excessive hair fall remedies and provides the best homeopathic treatment for hair fall. This remedy has shown excellent results in people suffering from hair loss due to any cause.

Ingredients of Hapdco Jaborandi Hair Tonic

  • Jaborandi: Jaborandi hair oil works to rejuvenate tired hair follicles and boost hair growth. Regular use can help regrow hair and maintain a healthy mane. 

Benefits of Jaborandi Hair Tonic

  • It helps to moisturize the skin.
  • It Relaxes your mind.
  • It is great for massage relief.
  • It helps to rejuvenate the skin.
  • It Relaxes and tightens muscles.
  • It helps to purify and heal the skin.
  • It helps to keep your hair clean, lustrous, and free from flakes and itching.
  • It helps to reduce inflammation.
  • it makes hair freeze-free and easily manageable.
  • It adds a shine to the hair.
  • It enhances the volume of hair.
  • It helps to lock the moisture of the hair.

Instructions of Hapdco Jaborandi Hair Tonic

  • Apply regularly on the scalp 2 times a day.

Precautions of Hapdco Jaborandi Hair Tonic

  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • For external use only.
Hapdco Jaborandi Hair Tonic (200ml)

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