Alfalfa Super Tonic with Vitamin A B C D

Indications of Alfalfa Super Tonic with Vitamin A B C D:

A palatable tonic for:

  • Heart & Brain Exhaustion.
  • Heart's Weak Palpitation.
  • Fatigueness of the Heart, Nerves & Muscles.
  • Muscles thin and atrophied.
  • Weight loss.
  • Poor Appetite.
  • Loss of memory.
  • Pain and heaviness in the Cardiac region.
  • Poor recovery after Rheumatic Fever.

Composition of Alfalfa Super Tonic with Vitamin A B C D

Alfalfa 1x:  Alfalfa favorably influences nutrition, evidenced in "toning up" the appetite and digestion resulting in greatly improved mental and physical vigor, with gain in weight. Increases quality and quantity of milk in nursing mothers. 

Avena Sat 1x: Has a selective action on brain and nervous system, favorably influencing their nutritive function. Best for debility, weakness after exhausting diseases. Useful in Sleeplessness. 

Hydrastis can 1x: Weak muscular power, poor digestion, Easily tired Individuals, muscular pains in scalp and muscles of neck. Weak Digestion. 

Cinchona Off 1x: Debility, weakness from exhausting discharges, from loss of vital fluids,  Slow digestio, hungry without appetite. Hungry longing for food, which lies undigested. 

Terminalia Arjuna 1x: Terminalia contains ingredients that help stimulate heart. It also helps by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.  

Crataegus 1x: Used as a specific remedy for heart complaints. Acts on the heart muscles. Cardiac dropsy, valvular affections with dyspnoea. Cardiac hypertrophy.  

Digitalis P. 1x: Frequent stitches in heart. Irregular heart especially of mitral disease. Very slow pulse. Intermits; weak. Cyanosis. Inequality of pulse; it varies. Sudden sensation as if heart stood still. Pulse weak, and quickened by least movement.  

Cactus G. 1x: Chest pains, with suffocation, cold sweat, Constriction, very acute pains and stitches in heart, pulse feeble, irregular, quick, without strength. Oppressed breathing as from a weight on chest. Constriction in chest.  

Strophanthus 1x: It increases the contractile power of all striped muscles. used with advantage to tone the heart. Hearts action weak, rapid irregular, due to muscular debility; and insufficiency. Cardiac pain.   

Lycopodium 1x: Palpitation at night. Cannot lie on left side. 

Riboflavin 3x in syrup base

Dosage/Directions for use of Alfalfa Super Tonic with Vitamin A B C D

1-2 teaspoonful twice daily in water, before meals.

Haslab Alfalfa Super Tonic with Vitamin ABCD (200ml)

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