100% Pure Original Kala Gond.

Helps in joint pains and more health related issues.

Kala Gond – Black Gum Benefits

Mitigates Constipation :

  • Kala Gond treat quick stoppage.
  • Kala Gond is used in Unani medicine.

Claims :

  • Gond is immune to irritation of any kind.
  • Another calming substance in the Aloe plant is bradykinesia.

Develops Digestion and Treats Intestinal Worms :

  • It is effective in clearing stomach parasites and worms.
  • Also, gum is effective in treating acid reflux.
  • Beneficial for issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Also, Black Gum builds a healthy digestive system.

Ladies Health :

  • It is beneficial in amenorrhea.
  • Dispersing marks with gum and water is possible.

Wounds and Skin Problems :

  • Kala Gond is very effective against skin infections.
  • Especially those with a lot of tingling.
  • Magnesium lactate found in black gum relieves tingling.
  • Sunburn, inflammation, and kinks are treated with it.
  • Preserves blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • In diabetic patients, it lowers glucose levels.
  • Reduces fat and sugar levels with regular use.
  • Works to reduce cholesterol, fats, and unsaturated fats.
Kala Gond – Black Gum – For Joint Pain – Black Gum (250 gm)

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