About Lords Lordent Tooth Powder 

Lordent Tooth powder provides complete dental hygine and care. The gentle cleaning properties of the special herbal formula will leave the gums, teeth and breath clean and sparkling fresh. For best results use Lordent Tooth powder after brushing your teeth with Lordent Toothpaste. 

Lordent is more than a toothpaste. Its formulation is based on well known herbs meant for dental care such as calendula, plantago and kreosote. It stops bad breath also suitable for gums and teeth sensitive to hot and cold drinks. 

Benefits of Lords Lordent Tooth Powder

  • Reatains fresh breath for longer time
  • Prevents plaque and other teeth diseases
  • Make your teeth shine

Ingredients of Lords Lordent Tooth Powder

  • Calendula
  • Plantago
  • Kreosote
Lords Lordent Tooth Powder (100g)

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