Bach Flower Centaury


  • Timid, easily imposed upon
  • Little strength of will
  • Doesn't argue or stand up for self, a "door mat". Cannot say "no"
  • Thoughts, actions often colored by dictates and ideas of others and by conventions
  • May be bound to family or parent
  • Servile instead of being a willing helper

People belonging to the Bach Flower Centaury personality are very helpful. They can never say "no" to anyone. This Bach flower remedy (Centaury) gives strength to those who find it hard to stand up for themselves. They are full of kindness and ever willing, always eager to help or be of service; because of their gentle and generous nature, they are easily dominated or manipulated and often find themselves the victim of stronger, more powerful personalities who may take advantage of their kind heartedness. The Bach Flower centaury person may then become exhausted by over work and begin to despise him or herself for being so weak. The Bach Flower Centaury remedy helps this gentle folk to remain gentle but firm when the need arises so that they gain more respect and appreciation.

Symptoms: Shoulders and back may be affected, white face with rings under the eyes.

Courtesy: Bach Flower Remedies for Everyone by Farokh J. Master

Human Indication of Bach Flower Centaury

When you have a hard time saying NO and therefore easily get imposed on.

New Life Bach Flower Centaury (30ml)

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