Bach Flower Sweet Chestnut

Extreme Anguish

  • Terrible appalling mental despair.
  • Extreme mental torture. Anguish of bereavement. Reached limit of endurance.
  • Almost destroyed. Exhaustion and loneliness is total.
  • Future is complete darkness. No hope-no peace.

This Bach flower remedy (Sweet Chestnut) is for a desperate mental anguish, a feeling of utter despair as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Those suffering this way feel that there is nothing left in life and are so sad that they may physically hurt inside, feeling desolate and heartbroken. The Bach Flower Sweet Chestnut feel so wretched that at times they may wish they could die, but they do not seriously consider suicide because they do not believe even death will release them from their pain. They can see no way out of their inner darkness and life holds no joy for them. The Bach Flower Sweet Chestnut remedy helps to raise the curtain of despair so that faith if restored. The horizon becomes brighter and hope returns to their lives, the end of the torment at least within reach.

Courtesy: Bach Flower Remedies for Everyone by Farokh J. Master

Human Indication of Bach Flower Sweet Chestnut

When you feel hopeless despair, and you feel an intense sorrow and feel destroyed by it.

New Life Bach Flower Sweet Chestnut (100ml)

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