Bach Flower Vine


  • Tendency to use great gifts to gain power and to dominate. Rides roughshod over others' opinion. demands and expects absolute obedience. Aggressive pride.
  • Craves power-greedy for authority. Ruthless in methods. Knows better than anyone. Forces will upon one and all. Can be tyrannical and dictatorial. Enjoys power over others-is hard, cruel and without compassion.
  • A parent dominating the home with iron discipline.

Bach Flower Vine is the remedy for those who are self-assured dominant, the leaders and rulers. They know their own minds absolutely, making decisions and taking responsibility for themselves as well as others, without hesitation. Bach Flower Vine people are ambitions and determined tackling life's problems with confidence and certainty. In the team they take the leading role, directing others with incontestable frankness.

They will say "This is what you will do" rather than "Would you like to do it this way?" Bach Flower Vine people have fixed opinions and will not argue out the matter. He or she would make their point and that would be that. In the extreme,, vine nature can be demanding and powerful and those in subservient positions may become emotionally crippled as a result if they themselves do not have sufficient strength of character to stand up to (what can) a tyrannical Vine.

Bach Flower Vine people often suffer from extreme tension, physical stiffness, back problems, high blood pressure. Children of the Vine nature are demanding aggressive, take charge of peer groups, and in the extreme can become bullies to those of a weaker or more gentle nature.

The Vine Bach flower remedy does not take this self-assurance or leadership away, for indeed these are fine and position qualities to have, but when extreme side of the nature takes an upper hand, the remedy will help these people to be less harsh and severe and more understanding of the view of others and the plight of those who are weaker.

Courtesy: Bach Flower Remedies for Everyone by Farokh J. Master

Human Indication of Bach Flower Vine

For those who dominate others. They know better than everyone else and put others down.

New Life Bach Flower Vine (100ml)

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