Dr. Advice No. 12 (Apethe) Composition (Ingredients)

  • Borax 6x
  • Mercurius Solubilis 6x
  • Acidum Nitricum (Nitricum Acidum) 6x
  • Hydrastis Canndies Q
  • Kali Muriaticum 6x
  • Kali Bichromicum 6x


Aphthae, white fungus like growth. Mouth hot and tender. Ulcer bleeding on touch and eating. Painful gumboil. Aphthoussore mouth.

Mode of Action

  • Borax 6x: Aphthae in the mouth and on the tongue which bleed easily.
  • Mercurius Solubilis 6x: Tongue swollen and inflamed.
  • Acidum Nitricum (Nitricum Acidum) 6x: Painful, clear, red, ulcers in soft paste with sharp pains in tongue.
  • Hydrastis Canndies Q: Tongue as if burned or scalded Tongue swollen shows marks of teeth.
  • Kali Muriaticum 6x: Appthae, Thrush, White ulcers in mouth of little children or nurshing mouths.
  • Kali Bichromicum 6x: Tongue dry, ulcers with hard edges, smarting at mucous of lips painful ulcer on tongue.


5 to 10 Drops with ¼ cup water 3-4 times daily after.

REPL Dr. Advice No 12 (Apethe) (30ml)

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