Dr. Advice No. 56 (Hydronil) Composition (Ingredients):

  • Arnica Montana 30x
  • Bryonia Alba 6x
  • Spongia Tosta 6x
  • Rhododendron Chrysanthum 30x
  • Rhus Toxicodendron 6x
  • Pulsatilla Q
  • Aurum Metallicum 6
  • Thuja 30x


Testicles swollen, painful, drawn up, gland feel crushed, Irritation and swelling of testes, Mydrocels.

Mode of Action:

  • Arnica Montana 30x: Inflammatory swelling of the testes after mechanical injuries.
  • Bryonia Alba 6x: Shooting in the testes- Stitches.
  • Spongia Tosta 6x: Hard swelling of the testes and of the spermatic cord, with pressing pain.
  • Rhododendron Chrysanthum 30x: Testes swelling and retracted.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron 6x: Swelling and Thickening.
  • Pulsatilla Q: Inflammatory swelling of testes and spermatic cords, with pressing and drawing pains.
  • Aurum Metallicum 6: Swelling of the testes. Induration of the testes.
  • Thuja 30x: Feeling in testes as if they moved. Shootings in along spermatic.


10-15 Drops with 1/4th cup water 3 times daily.

REPL Dr. Advice No 56 (Hydronil) (30ml)

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