Rhus Toxicodendron(Mother Tincture)

Tincture of fresh leaves gathered at sunset just before flowering time is used to make the medicine.

Common Name:  Poison Oak

Causes & Symptoms for Rhus Toxicodendron

  • The complaints of Rhus Toxicodendron remedy come on from exposure to cold damp weather.
  • Allergic skin reactions, Inflammation of glands that are hot and very painful.
  • The bruised pains often attended with numbness after stretching high up of the parts is relieved with Rhus Tox.
  • The joint pains which are relieved by regular movements indicates Rhus Tox. 
  • Restlessness where they toss and turn all night, unable to find one position comfortable for long time is a symptom found in this remedy.

Mind and Head:

Sleep is interrupted by pains and by anxieties or illogical apprehensions that something bad is going to happen. 

Anxiety aggravated at night time in the bed indicates Rhus tox.

Restlessness which will not allow the patient to remain seated, and compels him to throw himself about in bed.

Tendency to hold feelings back, patients find it difficult to respond to others, fixed Ideas and supressed anger is seen in Rhus tox.

Cause of severe trauma with impossibility to defend himself or to escape.

Deep seated feeling of being a victim is relieved with help of Rhus tox.

The pain in the back of the head is ameliorated by holding the head backwards, Pulsating headaches, Eruptions upon the scalp

Headaches are worse from wetting the hair. Vesicular eruptions upon the scalp

Eyes, Ear and Nose:

Inflammation of the eyes with sticky eye lids, Red eyes and lachrymation.

The Rhus Tox patient, is subject to styes on the lower lids, neuralgia in the eye

Heaviness of the eyelids, Painful throbbing in ear at night, Swelling of ears.


Restlessness caused by a stiffness of the neck which can only be relieved by stretching it and moving the head about is seen in Rhus tox patients.

Pains in general are better from heat , better from lying on a hard surface indicates Rhus Tox.

Stomach and Abdomen

When eating, sudden vomiting, Hunger without appetite is found in this remedy.

Empty risings after a meal after drinking, Violent risings with tingling in stomach is relieved with help of Rhus tox.

Gnawing pain in the stomach, fullness and heaviness in the stomach, pain in the stomach after ice cream; nausea after eating ice cream is relieved with Rhus tox.

Inflammation and swelling of the glands of the abdomen and groin.

Vomiting immediately after eating, Burning sensation in the abdomen,Bloated abdomen, especially after eating.  Rhus patients desire cold milk and cold drinks.

Great flatulence, with grumbling, fermentation, and pinching movements in abdomen is benefited by Rhus tox.

Stool, Anus and Urinary complaints:

Painful tenesmus without stool, Shooting pains in the rectum with hemorrhoids, great soreness and when they are internal or protruding piles.

Chronic painless diarrhoea, only in morning is an indication for Rhus tox.

Frequent and urgent want to urinate, day and night, with profuse emission.


Painful stiffness on rising from a seat; pain in the back as if bruised, sore and lame all over the back. 

The pain in the back is ameliorated by lying on something hard or from exercise indicated Rhus tox.

It is a remedy for lumbago brought on from getting wet, from overlifting, from taking cold, and from suppressing the sweat.

The spinal symptoms, weakness either of the lower limbs or of one part of the body, Stiffness and lameness in the sacrum aggravated on resting after exercise is relieved with Rhus tox.

In sprains that occur in the ankles and in fact any of the joints, after Arnica has removed the first and most painful symptoms, Rhus becomes useful for weakness of tendons and muscular fibers such as always follows sprains.


Axillary abscess after delivery is relieved with Rhus Tox.

Breasts painfully distended, red in streaks, Diminished secretion (or suppression) of milk, with burning over body.


Itchy, painful rash, Intolerable itching of the legs at night in bed; eruptions upon the feet and legs, tingling in the skin, 

Moisture with eruptions upon the skin is relieved with help of Rhus Tox.

Cold sores around the lips,inflamed, intensely itchy rash, especially if there are fluid-filled blisters (like some forms of eczema) can benefit with Rhus tox. 

Itch is often better from bathing with scalding hot water.


Rhus tox pain is classically worse in the cold and especially the damp and better for warmth.

The muscular stiffness associated with illnesses are helped by Rhus tox. 

Difficult to get moving at first, but becoming freer with repeated movements, indicates Rhus Tox.

Stretching causes cracking in knees, is relieved with Rhus Tox.

Side effects of Rhus Toxicodendron

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given. 

Dosage and rules while taking Rhus Toxicodendron

Take 10 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

Rhus Toxicodendron Q Mother Tincture - 30 ml

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