About SBL Amla Forte Hair Oil 

It is a leading homeopathic medicines manufacturing company in India offering a wide range of world-class homeopathic remedies including generics, single remedies , bio-chemic / combinations , as well  as specialities.

SBL started activities in 1983 as Sharda Boiron Laboratories Ltd. in collaboration with Laboratories Boiron of Lyon , France , World Leader in the line since 1932. Boiron assisted in setting up state of the art air conditioned manufacturing facilities at Sahibabad and establishing production and testing processes of international standards.

SBL on India’s Homeopathic scene is in its non- negotiable focus on quality. SBL excels on this parameter and forever seeks to enhance its lead through technology, Research and Development, and clinical trials. The result is a product that delivers the healing that it promises. The quality assurance system at SBL is constantly being upgraded for reaping benefits in terms of quality and productivity.

Product Description

Amla extract prevents accumulation of dandruff on scalp, controls hair fall & helps give natural shine to hair. Halela (Terminalia chebula) helps strengthen hair roots and enriches hair color and texture. Mehandi extract provides colouring & conditioning to hair. It helps strengthen the outer cuticle of the hair, thus making hair smooth & shiny. Brahmi extract strengthens the hair follicles and reduces hair fall. Ginseng extract stimulates hair growth, combats hair loss & prevents accumulation of dandruff. Shikakai It has anti-fungal properties & thus helps reduce dandruff. Methi extract controls hair fall & helps make hair stronger and thicker. Coconut oil curbs hair fall, has anti-bacterial properties, retains moisture and conditions hair. Sesame oil forms a protective coat around the hair protecting it from the damaging effects of pollution.

SBL's Amla Fort Hair Oil is an excellent herbal oil having extracts of Amla, Halela, Mehandi, Brahmi, Ginseng, Shikakai and Methi with benefits of Coconut and Sesame Seed Oil. It has antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properities thereby strengthening hair follicles, nourishing scalp, curbing hair fall and combating dandruff. SBL's Amla Fort Hair Oil protects conditions, provides lustre and enriches natural colour and texture of hair.

How To Use

Massage the oil into scalp with fingertips and leave overnight. Wash next day. Use as a regular hair oil.

SBL Amla Forte Hair Oil (100ml)

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