Spigelia (Mother Tincture)

Common Name:  Spigelia anthelmia, Demerara Pink-root

Tincture is prepares from dried herb.

Causes & Symptoms for Spigelia

  • Spigelia Anthelmia has marked action on eye pain and chronic catarrh. Usually the left eye is affected. 
  • Eyes feel too large for the orbit. There is violent pain in the eyes of pressing type on turning the eyes. Pupils dilated with severe pain in and around eyes. Eye balls are sensitive to touch. The pain is worse from touch, motion, noise, turning the eyes, from cold, damp and rainy weather.
  • Spigelia Anthelmia is also indicated in neuralgia of trigeminal nerve of left side. Left sided eye, left orbit, left malar bone and left sided teeth gets affected. 
  • Pain is shooting, burning and tearing type. 
  • Spigelia Anthelmia also helps in toothache from tobacco smoking. Sharp, stabbing, sticking, tearing pain, very sensitive to touch.
  • Spigelia Anthelmia also helps in headache from abuse of tobacco. 
  • Left sided headache, starts at the base of brain, spreading over the head and finally located in left eye, orbit and temple of the left side. 
  • There is a sensation of band around the head. Headache starts at sunrise reaches maximum at noon, declines by the sunset. Headache is worse from motion, noise and touch.
  • Spigelia Anthelmia is also a remedy for rheumatic affections of the heart. Painful complaints associated with valvular troubles, especially growing out of rheumatic pericarditis and endocarditis of rheumatic character. Precordial region is very much sensitive to touch. Pulse is weak and irregular. 
  • Spigelia Anthelmia also helps in expelling worms. Itching and crawling in the rectum. There is frequent ineffectual urge to stool.


Spigelia relieves Giddiness when looking downwards, Vertigo, to such an extent as to fall down when walking, standing, or looking down.

Headache beginning in cerebellum, morning, spreading over left side of head, causing violent and pulsating pain in left temple and over left eye, with stitches in left eye, returning periodically is well relieved by Spigelia.

There is Stitches in left side of head and out of left eye.

Headaches are worse from least noise, better when lying with head high, and from washing head with cold water.


It is useful in Neuralgia of eyes, especially where there is great soreness, and can scarcely bear a touch, affections of the eyeball, eyelids, optic nerve.

Spigelia relieves Dry heat and burning sensation in eyes.

Contraction and involuntary movement of eyes, Squint can be checked by it.


Spigelia relieves Itching in nose, with tickling.

Frequent sneezing, discharge of bloody mucus is relieved by Spigelia.

Mucus at one time white, at another time yellow, is discharged from nose, at same time much mucus is discharged from mouth indicate this remedy.

It is useful in Fluent coryza, which recurs frequently, especially after slightest chill.


Spigelia is useful in Sore throat, with lancinations and swelling in palate.

There is Discharge of mucus from fauces all day, most from posterior nares.

Stomach and Abdomen

Spigelia is useful in Nausea (in the morning) when fasting, with a sensation as if something were ascending from stomach into throat.

Spigelia relieves Colic, with pinching pains, cuttings (from worms) in the umbilical region, with shivering, diarrhoea, and copious secretion of urine.

There is Painful pressure in lower abdomen, as if it would burst, especially in evening before a soft stool, sometimes better after.

Stool and Anus

There is Frequent, urgent, and ineffectual want to evacuate.

Liquid diarrhoea of fecal matter and of mucus is checked by Spigelia.

It is well indicated in Diarrhoea, with pinchings in abdomen and coldness in body.

Itching and sensation as if something were creeping in rectum and anus.

Urinary Organs

It is indicated in Sudden and involuntary dribbling of urine, with burning sensation in anterior part of urethra.

Spigelia is useful in checking Discharge of prostatic fluid from the urethra.

Respiratory Organs

Spigelia is useful in Catarrh, with hoarseness, continual discharge of mucus from nose, dry heat without thirst, prominent eyes, distressing headache, and disposition to weep.

Cough in open air, with pain in chest as from excoriation is relieved by Spigelia.

Spigelia is indicated for Dry cough, violent and hollow, caused by irritation low down in trachea, with respiration obstructed, even to suffocation.


Spigelia relieves aching at the chest, with painful oppression.

Spasmodic sensation in chest, proceeding from pit of stomach and causing choking is relieves by it.

It is useful in Tensive lancinations in chest, especially when drawing breath.

Neck and Back

Spigelia relieves Sticking pain in right side of neck, on swallowing, pain in parotid gland.

Itching of anus and coccyx, Pain in back as from a fracture, also during movement is relieved by Spigelia.


Spigelia relieves Drawing, tearing, twitching pains in limbs and joints.

The limbs are affected mostly when walking.

Spigelia relieves Heaviness and trembling of arms.

It relieves Painful stiffness in knee-joint.


Spigelia is useful in Arthritic, shooting, or tearing pains in the limbs.

It relieves Stinging pain in the limbs and principally in the joints.

It is useful in Great weakness, especially mornings.

There is Great sensitiveness to cold air, with sufferings from walking in open air.

Great liability to suffer from a chill.


Pale, wrinkled skin of body. There is Painful sensibility of entire skin when touched.

Spigelia is useful in Painful glandular swellings.

It is also helpful in Red pimples, with pain, as from excoriation, when touched.

Side effects of Spigelia

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given. 

It is safe to take the medicine even if you are on other mode of medication like allopathy medicines, ayurvedic etc. 

Homeopathic medicines never interfere with the action of other medicines.

Dosage and rules while taking Spigelia

Take 10 drops in half cup of water three times a day.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

Precautions while taking Spigelia

Always keep a gap of 15 minutes before or after meals when you take medicine.

If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a homeopathic practitioner before use. 

Avoid eating tobacco or drinking alcohol during the course of medication. 

Spigelia Q Mother Tincture - 30 ml

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