Urine retention complaints in males.

Other Indication

  • Relieves complaints of straining while passing urine.
  • Urinary Tract Infection.

Action of composition used

  • Chimaphila Umb 3x:  Great urge to urinate. Straining necessary to commence urination. Urine feels hot when passed.
  • Clematis Erecta 3x: Urine flows by fits, starts or dribbles, strains out a few drops, then full stream flows. Burning in urethra during urination. Last drop causes violent burning.
  • Puls. Nig 3x:  Burning in orifice of urethra during and after micturition. Involuntary micturition at night, After urinating, pain in bladder.
  • Sabal serr 3x: Burning in the urethra while passing urine and difficulty in passing urine. Recent or chronic enlargements. Sensation of coldness from the prostate gland to genitals.
  • Conium Mac 3x: After urinating, spasmodic pain in bladder, Dribbling urination in old men.
  • Pareira Brava 3x: Retention of urine due to prostate enlargement.
  • Thuja Occ 3x: Frequent micturition accompanying pains. Desire sudden and urgent, but cannot be controlled. Pain and burning felt near neck of bladder, with frequent and urgent desire to urinate. Prostatic enlargement.
  • Populus Tremaloides 3x: Urine contains mucus and pus. Pain behind pubis, at end of urination.
  • Ferrum Picricum 3x: Pain along entire urethra. Frequent micturition at night, with full feeling and pressure in rectum. Smarting at neck of bladder and penis. Retention of urine.


1-2 tablets 4 times in a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Wheezal Prostex Tablets (75tab)

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