Wheezal WL-58 Dengue Drops

Dengue fever is a painful, debilitating mosquito-borne viral disease, symptoms which usually begin four to six days after infection and last for up to 10 days.

Indicated symptoms

  • Sudden, high rise of body temperature, severe headaches, pain behind the eyes, severe joint and muscle pain, fatigue.
  • Skin rash, which appears two to five days after the onset of fever mild bleeding (such as nose bleed, bleeding gums, or easy bruising).


  • Baptisia
  • Eupatorium
  • Gelsemium
  • Ipecacuanha
  • Rhus tox
  • Rhus ven

Action of Individual Ingredients

  • Baptisia: Muscular soreness with burning heat of skin, chill with joint pains and soreness all over body. Heat all over the body.
  • Eupatorium: Aching pain in back. Aching in bones of extremities with soreness of flesh. Chill between 7 and 9 am, preceded by thirst with great soreness and aching of bones. Sluggishness of body.
  • Gelsemium: Dizziness, Faintness with heat and chill stages. Physical weakness with heat of the body. Trembling and weakness of all Limbs.
  • Ipecacuanha: There is persistent nausea and vomiting, accompanied with high temperature, chill with heat. Stiffness in body.
  • Rhus tox: Chill with restlessness, joints affected with stiffness and chill stage followed by heat.
  • Rhus ven: Chills over whole body; run up back even when warm with shivering and restlessness. Flashes of heat, Trembling of limbs with twitching of muscles. Swelling of all the limbs with redness.


10 to 15 drops in little water before every meal four times a day or as described by the physician.

Wheezal WL-58 Dengue Drops (30ml)

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