Willmar Schwabe Bio Combination 11 

BC 11- Pyrexia

Composition of Willmar Schwabe Bio Combination 11 

  • Ferrum phosphoricum 3X
  • Kali muriaticum 3X
  • Kali sulphuricum 3X
  • Natrum muriaticum 3X
  • Natrum sulphuricum 3X

Indications of Willmar Schwabe Bio Combination 11

  • Febrile conditions associated with initial inflammatory conditions, chill. 
  • Sudden rise in temperature and in conditions that tend towards suppuration. 
  • It generally covers all mild febrile conditions.

Action of Biochemic medicine in Willmar Schwabe Bio Combination 11

Ferrum phosphoricum 3X Chill daily at 1 pm. All catarrhal and inflammatory first stage diseases.In the early stages of febrile conditions.

Kali muriaticum 3X It certainly is of great value in catarrhal affections, in sub-acute inflammatory states, fibrinous exudations, and glandular swellings

Kali sulphuricum 3X Applicable to the later stages of inflammation

Natrum muriaticum 3X -Chill between 9 and 11 am. Heat; violent thirst, increases with high temperature of the body and blisters on body. Coldness of the body, and continued chilliness very marked. sweats on exertion.

Natrum sulphuricum 3X Rise in body temperature occurs due to living in damp houses, basements, cellars. They are worse in rainy weather.

Dosage of Willmar Schwabe Bio Combination 11

Adults : 4 tablets every three hours or four times a day.

Children : 1 to 2 tablets 4 times a day.

Willmar Schwabe India Bio Combination 11 (20g)

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