About Willmar Schwabe India Topi Arnica Cream 

Arnica is useful for those resulting from injuries, falls, blows, contusions. After traumatic injuries, overuse of any organ, strains.  Acts as a muscular tonic. Limbs and body ache as if beaten; joints as if sprained. Pain in back and limbs, as if bruised or beaten is relieved by arnica. Sprained and dislocated feeling. Arnica is indicated for Itching, burning, eruption of small pimples. Crops of small boils (. Ecchymosis. Bed sores. Acne indurata.  

Indications of Willmar Schwabe India Topi Arnica Cream

  • Improves the local blood supply
  • Accelerates healing
  • Increases the rate of re-absorption of internal bleeding
  • Effective compress for bruises, sprains and muscular pain

Ingredients of Willmar Schwabe India Topi Arnica Cream

Topi Arnica contains 10% of Amica tincture, which is prepared from the flowering plant of Arnica. Flavones and essential oils are the pharmacologically active ingredients of the root. They are reported to have an analgesic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Direction of use of Willmar Schwabe India Topi Arnica Cream

  • The cream should be used 2 – 3 times daily by applying a thin layer to the cleaned and dried affected areas. The cream should be lightly massaged into the skin. For the use of Topi Arnica under a bandage or tape, avoidance of airtight materials and daily changes are recommended.
  • Contact with open wounds should be avoided.
Willmar Schwabe India Topi Arnica Cream (25g)

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