About Agaricus Muscarius

Neurological symptoms. Twitchings. Convulsions.

Agaricus acts as an intoxicant to the brain, Various forms of neuralgia and spasmodic affections like Jerking, twitching, trembling, and itching are strong indications, twitching ceases during sleep. Agaricus corresponds to various forms of cerebral diseases, General paralysis, Uncertainity in walking, stumbles over everything on the way. Sensation as if pierced by needles of ice. Sensitive to pressure and cold air. Violent bearing-down pains. Symptoms appear diagonally as right arm and left leg. Pains are accompanied by sensation of cold, numbness and tingling.

Agaricus muscarius is a well suited remedy for the treatment of confusion of mind and vertigo. Mental nervousness with lot of uncontrolled talking but does not answer to questions. Too much laughing. Confusion with no inclination to do anything. It is helpful delirium and headache due to ill effect of alcohol. Vertigo with a feeling of falling backwards. Agaricus Muscarius also helps in skin affections like chilblains and frost bite with itching, redness and burning intolerably 


  • Dependant, weak-willed. Avoid responsibility. Seek sheltered, comfortable life.
  • Anxiety about health. Fear of Cancer. They drive you crazy with it.
  • Tell everybody about their (supposed) complaints.
  • Obsessed with sufferings of people around them.
  • Desire to help people with fatal conditions. Superstitious way of doing good deeds.
  • Crazy fearlessness. 'Stupid', ""Dare-devil"", runs about in most dangerous places.
  • Hysteria after sex. Fainting.


  • Late learning to walk, to talk.
  • Slow comprehension. Irresolution, uncertainty.
  • Dependent. Chorea, convulsions after punishment.
  • Restless. Fidget. Wild at playing. Bad concentration.


  • Chorea (jerky involuntary movements), twitchings, spasms, convulsions.
  • Agg. Coition, excitement, fright, death of loved one, suppressed eruptions or discharge.
  • Aura: sensation of cold air going along the body or spine.
  • Chorea in children. Spasms after punishment.
  • Neurological disorders. Paralysis.
  • Child rolling the head, biting himself (meningitis).
  • Agg. Cold.
  • Agg. Before thunderstorm.
  • Agg. morning, amel. evening.
  • Agg. After coition.
  • Amel. After sleep.
  • Sensation of hot or icy cold needles sticking in.
  • Complaints diagonally: right arm, left leg.
  • Alcoholism: trembling, itching.

Food and drinks

  • Desire: Salt, salthy things, eggs.
  • Aversion: Bread, meat, wine.
  • Agg. Cold food and drinks.


  • Pain: sensation of icy or hot needles sticking in head.
  • Feels cold, esp. after scratching; forehead cold, but feels warm when touched.
  • Pain right side, as from nail, agg. sitting, amel. walking.
  • Meningitis: Rolls head, bite or try to injure themselves.


  • Trembling or Twitching eyelids, agg. left, before thunderstrom, amel. during sleep.
  • Convulsive involuntary motion of eyes, like a pendulum (Elaps corr).


  • Redness.
  • Chilblains during menses. Feels frozen, frostbitten.
  • Extreme itching, with burning.


  • Red tip of nose.
  • Pain in root during headache.
  • Long cough ends in sneezing.
  • Hay fever: itching in ears, palate, nose.


  • Twitchings, agg. left side.
  • Painful part as if frozen.
  • Paralysis.


  • Empty eructations alternating with hiccough.


  • Quivering and twitching of abdominal muscles, agg. evening in bed.
  • Pain in liver and spleen when jogging.


  • Urine feels cold on passing.
  • Urine milky in afternoon.
  • Dysuria with painful coldness and twitching of left leg.


  • Sexual desire increased agg. morning on waking.
  • Masturbation.


  • Paroxysmal, convulsive cough ending in sneezing.


  • Tubercular remedy. Pneumonia, bronchitis.
  • Palpitations with red face, agg. evening, after stool.
  • Ailments after disappearance of milk.


  • Lumbago. Sciatica.
  • Pain agg. sitting, raising thigh when sitting; amel. lying.
  • Tension, agg. standing, stretching, touch.
  • Coldness, as from cold water flowing.


  • Difficult coordination. Awkwardness, stumbling, clumsy.
  • Twitchings or spasms, esp. in the nates; agg. before thunderstorm, after coition.
  • Jerking of muscles on falling asleep, esp. toes.
  • Chorea after punishment in children.
  • Chilblains.
  • Coldness in spots.
  • Paralytic weakness lower limbs during pregnancy.


  • Starting on falling asleep.


  • Chilblains, like icy or very hot needles.
Agaricus Muscarius Q Mother Tincture - 30 ml

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