Indication of Allen A53 Alopecia Drops

A53 Alopecia Drops is indicated for sensitive scalp, scalp with or without eczema, strengthens hair roots, adds lustre to hair.

Composition of Allen A53 Alopecia Drops

  • Alfalfa 3x
  • Jaborandi 3x
  • Lycopodium 3x
  • Wiesbaden 3x
  • Ustilago Maydis 3x
  • Kali Phosphoricum 3x
  • Acidum Phosphoricum 3x in aqua destillata

Dosage of  Allen A53 Alopecia Drops

  • Take 8 - 10 drops in half-cup of water, 3 times a day before meals.

Mode of Action:

  • Alfalfa: From its action on sympathetic, alfalfa favourably influences nutrition, tones up the appetite and digestion, resulting in greatly improved mental and physical vigour and also improved hair growth.
  • Jaborandi: A well-known hair remedy, prevents hair fall and promotes growth of hair.
  • Lycopodium Clavatum: Premature baldness and severe hair fall.
  • Wiesbaden: The hair grows rapidly and become darker by the use of this remedy.
  • Ustilago Maydis: Loss of hair and nails. Crusta lactea. Sticky secretions matting the hair.
  • Kali Phosphoricum: Hair loss in people worn out with fatigue.
  • Acidum Phosphoricum: Falling of the hair (head, eyebrows, genitalia, etc.)
Allen A53 Alopecia Drops (30ml)

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