Allen Livosin Total Health Tonic 

It is indicated for hepatitis, swelling in abdomen, lack of appetite, bitter taste in mouth, constipation, flatulence and weariness after meals. It is useful for functional or organic complaints of gall bladder and liver, hepatitis, abdominal swelling, bitter taste of mouth. 

Indications of Allen Livosin Total Health Tonic 

For fast and effective response in liver disorders

  • Has direct action on the liver and portal system
  • Stimulates liver functions Indicated in fatty liver and sluggish liver
  • Useful as supportive therapy in hepato cellular jaundice and toxic liver damage
  • Also useful in infantile jaundice Indicated in liver problems due to alcohol abuse
  • Improves digestion
  • Controls nausea and vomiting

Ingredients in Allen Livosin Total Health Tonic 

Carduus marianus Q 10%: This remedy establishes a healthy flow of bile, the action of this drug is centered in the liver, and portal system, causing soreness, pain, jaundice.  

Chelidonium majus Q 2%: It has an action in Jaundice, due to hepatic and gall-bladder obstruction. Gall-colic. 

Andrographis paniculata Q 5%: Antiviral, antipyretic, adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, Improves immunity, Liver protecting. It exhibits hepatoprotective and hepatostimulative property. 

Hydrastis Canadensis Q 1%: Liver area tender and dragging pains. 

Carica pap. 2x: Useful for liver ailments with fullness of abdomen as if it would burst due to flatulence, uneasy feeling in abdomen. Abdomen distended after taking meals with burning sensation in throat, sour eructation. Spasmodic pain in abdomen with loose, watery, yellowish stool with general weakness, amel. 

Podophyllum peltatum Q 1%: Liver region painful, Torpidity of the liver; portal engorgement with a tendency to hemorrhoids, hypo-gastric pain, fullness of superficial veins, jaundice.  

 Nux Vomica 4x: It is indicated in liver affections in those who have indulged in excess alcohol, highly seasoned food and purgatives. Liver is swollen, hard and sensitive to touch and pressure of clothing is uncomfortable.It is useful in complaints of Cirrhosis of liver. 

Berberis aquifolium , Echinacea ang,  Ginseng , Avena sativa ,  Cinchona officinalis, Aloe socotrina , Terminalia arjuna, Terminalia chebula, Withania somnifera,  Acidum phosphoricum,  Carbo vegetabilis, Natrum sulphuricum HPI 3x 25 mg, Kali phosphoricum HPI 3x 50 mg, Magnesium phosphoricum 

Dosage of Allen Livosin Total Health Tonic

1 or 2 teaspoonful after food, 3 times a day. 

Allens Livosin Total Health Tonic (310ml)

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