Aloe Vera Drops 30 ml


Rheumatism, Arthritis, Osteoporosis & Knee Joint  Pain due to lacked oil, Backache Sexual debility, Blood Circulatory problems, Tiredness. It makes well & Healthy Rejuvenates the Organ of Pancreas for produce insulin In Case of diabetes. Improves digestive system, Correct function of liver & Kidney. Colitis, Dysentery, Piles, Constipation, Hyper-acidity & other stomach disorder. Removes the Blockage of arteries and Strength to Heart  Obesity, Swelling any part of the body Leucorrhoea, Fungal Infection of Uterus Aloe is Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflamatry, Antibiotic, Anti-allergic and Anti-fungicidal. 




Each 5 ml Contains:- Aloe Socotrina 2X 3.75 ml H.P.I., Acidum Lacticum 6X 0.25 ml H.P.I., Galega 12X 0.25 ml H.P.I., Gnaphalium 2X 0.25 ml H.P.I., Ginkgo Biloba 12X 0.25 ml H.P.I., Allium Sativa 12X 0.25 ml H.P.I., Alcohol Contance 84 to 88 % V/V



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Similia Aloe Vera Drops 30 ml

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