Anti B. (15ml)


Acute and Chronic Ulcer, Wounds, Tubercular Infection, gland T. B., Intestinal T. B.,Colitis, Chronic Amoeobiasis  Bronchial Catarrh, Chronic Nazal Catarrh, Acute & Chronic Cough Fistula, Lachrimal Fistula, Otorrhoea and Chronic Discharges from any part of the body even it may be used in different verities of abscesses. It has some properties similar to antibiotic.


Each 5 ml contains: Balsamum Peruvianum Q 0.50 ml H.P.I., Cardus Benidictus Q 0.50 ml G.H.P., Calendula Officinalis Q 1.00 ml H.P.I., Calc Hypophos 12x 0.50 ml H.P.I., Rhus Glabra 12x 0.50 ml H.P.I., Oleum Jacoris Aselli 12x 1.00 ml U.S.H.P., Excipent Qs, Alcohol Contains 75 to 79 % V/V


6 to 10 drops 3 to 4 Hourly
Similia Anti B. (15ml)

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