Dr Bakshi Baksons B42 Hematinic Drops

Blood plays a major role in the body normal functioning. It constitutes major part and helps in oxygenation of cells. Hematinics help to increase the formation of new blood cells. It helps to increase the hemoglobin content of the blood.

Indication of B42 Hematinic Drops

Production of Blood cells.

Other Indications of B42 Hematinic Drops

Anemia, Weakness.  

Action of Ingredients used in B42 drops

Carduus mar. 30x: The action of this drug is centered in the liver, and portal system, has specific relation to the vascular system.  

Arsenicum Iod 6x:  Profound prostration, rapid, irritable pulse, recurring fever and sweats, emaciation; tendency to diarrhœa. 

Ceanothus amer 6x: Anemic patients where liver and spleen are at fault. Active hemostatic, materially checking the clotting of blood. 

Ferrum Mur 6x: It affects the blood, causing hemorrhages of all kinds. Vascular and nervous irritability after hemorrhages 

Lycopodium clav 12x:  Deep-seated, progressive, chronic diseases, has poor circulation, cold extremities 

Sulphur 30x:  When carefully-selected remedies fail to act, especially in acute diseases, it frequently arouses the reactionary powers of the organism.  

Dosage of B42 Hematinic Drops

10-15 drops should be diluted in water and taken 3 times a day.  

Bakson B42 Hematinic Drops (30ml)

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