Dr. Bakshi Baksons B7 Climacteric Drops

Menopause symptoms include irregular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep difficulties, and irritability. It is the period when ovaries stop performing their normal activity of producing hormones and menses are on the verge to stop. It is also called climacteric period. 


  • It helps to relieves the flashes of heat, Night sweats, anxiety.
  • Weakness and pains during the time is relieved with help of this composition.

Action of Ingredients used in Dr. Bakshi B7 drops

Acidum sulphuricum 4x: Menstruation early and profuse.  

Cimicifuga rac. 4x: Pain in ovarian region; shoots upward and down anterior surface of thighs. After-pains, with great sensitiveness and intolerance to pain. Great depression.  

Sanguinaria. Can 4x: Useful in climacteric problems, Menses offensive, profuse. Soreness of breasts. Pain in Joints. 

Sepia 4x: Pelvic organs relaxed. Bearing down sensation, Menses Too late and scanty, irregular; early and profuse 


 10-15 drops should be diluted with water & taken 3-6 times a day. 

After improvement starts lower dosage to 3 times daily. 

Bakson B7 Climacteric Drops (30ml)

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