Bakson Bee Pee Aid Plus Drops

Helps Regulate Blood Pressure. 

Indications of Bakson Bee Pee Aid Plus Drops

Heaviness, palpitation, breathlessness associated with raised pressure of blood is relieved well with the drops.

Composition of Bakson Bee Pee Aid Plus Drops

Rauvolfia serp. 2x: It is helpful in raised blood-pressure without marked atheromatous changes in the vessels.

Viscum album 3x: Weight and oppression of heart; as if a hand were squeezing it; tickling sensation about heart. Helps in Dilated Blood vessels.

Crataegus oxy. 2x: roduces giddiness, lowered pulse, and air hunger and lower in blood-pressure. Acts on muscle of heart, and is a heart tonic. Pulse accelerated, irregular, feeble, intermittent.

Arnica montana 3x: Marked effect on the blood. Affects the venous system inducing stasis. Helps to control hemorrhagic conditions. Relaxed blood vessels. Pulse feeble and irregular.  

Valeriana off. 3x: Over-sensitiveness, nervous affections due to raise pressure.

Melilotus alba 3x: Congestions and hemorrhages is the action of the medicine.

Cactus g. 3x: Acts on circular muscular fibers, hence constrictions. Tobacco heart. Violent palpitation. 

Dosage of use of Bakson Bee Pee Aid Plus Drops

20 drops of Bee Pee Aid Plus Drops diluted in 1/4th cup of water twice daily

Bakson Bee Pee Aid Plus Drops (100ml)

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