About Kof Aid Syrup

An effective formula which:

  • Soothes throat and aids expectoration.
  • For dry, spasmodic, allergic, congestive cough of Bronchitis.
  • Checks associated symptoms of headache, Rhinitis and high body temperature.

Composition of Kof Aid Syrup

Bryonia alba 3x: Cough - dry, hard, very painful, at night. Sharp, stitching pain in chest. 

Ipecacuanha 3x: Constant constriction in chest. Breathlessness. Yearly attacks of difficult shortness of breathing. Continued sneezing; coryza; wheezing cough. Cough incessant and violent, with every breath.   

Antimonium tart. 6x: Cough followed, by vomiting or sleep. Coughing and gasping consecutively. Cough excited by eating, with pain in chest and larynx. Coarse rattling with wet sounding cough, but scanty, difficult expectoration, unable to get it out. 

Phosphorus 6x: Cough from tickling in throat. Tightness across chest worse lying on left side. 

Drosera rotundifolia Ø: Cough very deep and hoarse; worse, after midnight; yellow expectoration, with bleeding from nose and mouth; retching. Deep, hoarse voice; hoarseness; laryngitis. Rough, scraping sensation deep in the fauces and soft palate.  

Justicia adhatoda 2x: Dry cough from the sternal region extending all over the chest. 

Dosage/Directions of Kof Aid Syrup

  • Adults: 1 tablespoon of syrup every 3 - 4 hrs.
  • Children: 1 teaspoon of syrup every 3 - 4 hrs.
Bakson Kof Aid Syrup (450ml)

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