Blatta Orientalis(Mother Tincture)

The medicine is made from the live insect.

Common Name: Indian Cockroach

Causes & Symptoms for Blatta Orientalis

  • It is one of the most beneficial medicine in complaints of respiration, difficult breathing, cough and asthma.
  • Blatta Orientalis treats the complaints that occur after exposure to damp and cloudy air and weather.
  • Sensation of warmth and heat felt in the body.


  • It is suitable in patients with restlessness, emotional dulnness, sensitive to emotions.
  • Blatta Is useful in patients who always want appreciation, to be praised, want respect.


  • Headache with pain in the right occiput, boils that cause pain is reduced with help of this medicine.

Eyes, Ear and Nose:

  • Itching, Burning of eyes with desire to keep scatching which is aggravated after exposure to sun and excessive reading, better after washing with water is relieved with help of this medicine. Complaints that are aggravated by light, and not the heat.
  • Blockage of ear with sounds heard, sensitive to loud noise.
  • Bloackage of Nose with frequent sneezing and itching, tickling sensation in the nose.


  • Desire  for sweets, tasty food.
  • Tongue is dirty and want to wash it, heaviness of tongue which is relieved with help of this medicine.

Respiratory system:

  • Blatta Orientalis is sueful in Extreme difficulty of breathing, Breathlessness at night. 
  • It helps to relieve the Shortness of breath on first waking, constant clearing the throat is reduced.
  • Dry hacking cough, which exhausts, Short dry cough, Unable to raise mucus leading to suffocation when lying down is relieved with Blatta Orientalis, He must sit up.


  • Blatta Orientalis reduces the tightness and cramping pains. It helps to reduce the swelling of the breast and heaviness.


  • Eruptions with itching, which is better by scratching is cured with help of Blatta orientalis.


  • Tingling and numbness of extremities with restlessness and sensation of warth of the legs is reduced with help of Blatta.
  • Swelling of ankles and calf muscles is treated well with Blatta.

Side effects of Blatta Orientalis(Mother tincture)

There are no such side effects. But every medicine should be taken following the rules as given. 

Dosage and rules while taking Blatta Orientalis: 

Take 10 drops in 1/4th cup of water three times a day.

We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.

Blatta Orientalis Q Mother Tincture - 30 ml

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