Indo German Inso Care Drops

Indo German Inso Care is a drug for Sleeplessness, Nervousness Neurasthenia, Consequence of Mental Conflicts of Long Duration, Depression and Hallucination.

Restlessness with loss of sleep is relieved with help of Indo German Inso Care Drops

Indication of Indo German Inso Care Drops

Insomnia, Weakness, Nervous exhaustion, headache 

Other Indications of Indo German Inso Care Drops

It lowers the difficulty in falling asleep due to anxiety and restlessness.

Composition of Indo German Inso Care Drops

Ammonium brom : Cerebral congestion. Feeling of a band above ears. 

Avena sat: Nervous exhaustion, sexual debility, Sleeplessness, especially of alcoholics.  

Chamomilla : Drowsiness with moaning, weeping and wailing during sleep; anxious, frightened dreams, with half-open eyes. 

Kalium phos:  If you lack stamina, throughout the day and need energy, use Kali Phos. Retarded Nutrition (slow/improper nutrition), in children causing weakness, dullness.

Humulus lup: Nervous tremors; wakefulness, Drowsy during day. Dizziness with headache.

Ignatia amara: Very light. Jerking of limbs on going to sleep. Insomnia from grief, cares, with itching of arms and violent yawning. 

Passiflora in: Restless and wakeful, resulting from exhaustion. Especially in the feeble, infants and the aged. Insomnia of infants and the aged, and the mentally worried, and overworked 

Valeriana off:  Sleepless with itching  at night and muscular spasm. Over-sensitiveness, nervous affections

Eschscholzia 2x

Zincum Valerianicum 6x

Dosage of Indo German Inso Care Drops

10-15 drops diluted with water and taken 3 times a day or as directed by the doctor.

Indo German Inso Care Drops (30ml)

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