About Renakoll Syrup

Very effective combination for urinary complaints due to repeated urinary tract infection, renal colic and renal calculi and other renal related conditions.

Composition of Renakoll Syrup:

Berberis Vulgaris Q

Sarsaparilla Q

Sabal Serrulata Q

Tribulus Terrestris Q

Chimaphila Umbellata Q

Helonias Dioica Q

Juniperus Communis Q

Vesicaria Q

Dosage of Renakoll Syrup:

Adults: 1 teaspoonful (5ml) two times a day.

Children: Half the above dose.

Contraindications of Renakoll Syrup:

No contraindications are known.

Important: Dietary control as advised is essential.

Medisynth Renakoll Syrup (125ml)

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