New Life Blodo Life-Syrup

Indications of New Life Blodo Life-Syrup

  • Purifies Blood, Remove Impurities, useful in Skin Diseases, Acne, Pimples & Boils
  • Boils, ulcers, eruptions, skin disorders due to blood impurities

Composition of New Life Blodo Life-Syrup

Baptisia T Q: Urticarial eruptions with burning heat of the skin is releived

Echinacea Ang Q:  Useful in recurring boils, Carbuncles, irritations from insect bites. It strengthens resistance power and internal antiseptic with the influence on lymphatic system. 

Gun powder 6:  assists to increase the normal antiseptic action of the blood, enables the blood to get rid of disease germs. 

Sarsaparilla Q:  Eruptions following hot weather and vaccinations; boils, and eczema  is relieved with help of Sarsaparilla.

Natrum Sulph 6:  Itching, and itching pimples, which burn after being scratched. Eczema, moist and oozing profusely. 

Calc Sulph 6: Itching and burning associated with many complaints 

Nat Phos 6:  Chafing of skin, Eczema, with acidity is relieved with help of this medicine.

Azadirachta Ind Q:  Used for impurities of blood and recommended for skin diseases, boils, ulcers, eczema, scabies, pityriasis 

Hemidesmus Q:  Deep, burning, painful rhagades (on fingers). 

Berberis Aq Q: useful in complaints of acne, pimples and helps to relieve the complaints of skin related complaints. 

Direction of use of New Life Blodo Life-Syrup

Adult: 10ml 3 to 4 times a day

Children: 5ml 3-4 times a day or as directed by the physician.

New Life Blodo Life-Syrup (100ml)

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