Information about New Life NL-2 Blood Urea Creatinin Drop

NL-2 Blood Urea Creatinin Drops contain certain phtyochemicals which help in determining the increased blood urea and creatinin which is indication of renal failure in the patient.
Uremia is a disorder caused by excessive accumulation of urea and creatinin in blood. This is the most characteristic feature of chronic renal failure. This is because of failure kidney to excrete these products. The uses of NL-2 Blood Urea Creatinine Drops helps to combat the condition of uremia and kidney failure conditions.
Prolonged and regular use of NL-2 Blood Urea Creatinine Drops is useful for the above conditions.

Use under medical supervision.
New Life NL-2 (Blood Urea And Creatinin Drops) (30ml)

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